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Technologies are primarily designed to prevent what is known and what may seem to be an anomalous behavior based on how these technologies are created, but not all behaviors can be prevented as it may impact usability and efficiency of information systems.


That’s why managed service providers offer support to SMB and large enterprises at a predictable cost. Managed service providers proactively monitor a business’s network, minimizes IT problems and troubleshoots any issues that come up on the network.

Focus on Core Capabilities

  • Provide more capability to your company end-users.                                     

  • More attention on core projects and strategic initiatives.                                       

  • Focus heavily on professional development courses that will advance your business.                                                 

  • Worry-free on compliance and back-ups. The industry best practices are learned by Orion.

Extend Capabilities

  • Gives peace of mind with 24/7 monitoring, flexibility, on-call options, and weekend support.                                

  • Proactive approach to IT, ensuring assets and cloud services are up-to-date in maintenance, security patches, and more.                                                        

  • Receive consistent updates to network as well as risk assessments and fast responses whenever network goes offline.

Manageable Cost

  • Cutting costs on hardware and physical space.                                               

  • Generating additional space for personnel and inventory.                             

  • Saving money on the hardware's maintenance and the energy it consumes.                                                       

  • Neither licensing fees nor personnel training are required.

Access to Expertise

  • Get an entire team of professionals to deliver focused application operations to your company’s business.                      

  • Specialists of technical, functional, architectural, and training consultants who can help you keep your systems up and running at full potential.               

  • Gain access to upcoming and new releases of new technologies with trained staff.     

SLA Driven

  • Led by a reliable Service Delivery Manager who defines the service level scope and how performance will be measured.                                                       

  • Handle problem management when issues arise. Outlines the Response Time, Responsibility, Emergencies, and Reporting Protocol.                                      

  • Receive accurate reporting in a weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual basis.

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