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Other Security Services

The rise in cybersecurity incidents due to remote work has prompted organizations to utilize incident response services through retainer-based service contracts to mitigate risks and respond quickly in the event of a breach. 

In the current threat landscape, how prepared is your organization to these risks?

The Advantage

Nexus Orion's Security Retainers Service provides organizations with a proactive approach to cybersecurity incidents through retainer-based service contracts that offer Digital Forensics and Incident Response investigation services. With all necessary resources supplied by Nexus Orion, organizations have access to immediate incident response assistance in the event of a breach, ensuring that any damage is mitigated before it becomes extensive.

Rapid Response

With a retainer-based service contract, organizations can access immediate incident response assistance in the event of a breach. This ensures that security incidents are addressed as quickly as possible, minimizing damage and downtime.

Access to Expert Resources

With security retainers, organizations have access to a team of expert resources who are experienced in incident response and digital forensics. This ensures that the organization receives the best possible assistance in the event of a security incident.

Cost savings

The token-based security retainers offer cost savings compared to traditional incident response services because organizations only pay for the services they use, rather than committing to a full retainer contract.


Experience unmatched protection with Nexus Orion's Security Retainers Service Components


24/7 Phone and Email Access to Nexus Orion SOC

(3-hour call-back SLA)

Token-based services
(Tokens are used for additional investigation service)
One Year Validity

24 Hour On-Site SLA

(Metro Manila)

Unused Services: Reusable to other service
(within 2 months after annual lapse)
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Seurity Retainers Service

Protect your organization proactively with our security retainers and be prepared for any cyber threat.


Incident Response & Digital Forensics

Incident Response: Nexus Orion offers an outsourced incident response team that can provide organizations with professional security personnel capable of carrying out a quick and effective incident response process.

Digital Forensics Service: Nexus Orion aims to uncover and interpret electronic data by preserving any evidence in its original form while conducting a structured investigation to see if an attack is happening and who might be behind it.

Nexus Orion offers a combined Incident Response and Digital Forensics service, providing organizations with professional security personnel capable of carrying out a quick and effective incident response process, while also conducting structured investigations to uncover and interpret electronic data and preserve evidence in its original form. The combined incident response and digital forensics service helps organizations better manage and prevent security incidents, increasing overall security posture.

Other Services


Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing

VAPT activities will identify potential risks on customer’s environment that may affect Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability of the customer’s enterprise assets through a combination of automated and manual techniques.

Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT) is a service offered by Nexus Orion that combines automated and manual techniques to identify potential risks that may affect an organization's enterprise assets. By conducting thorough security testing and simulating cyber attacks, it helps organizations proactively address vulnerabilities and improve their overall security posture. VAPT assists organizations in meeting regulatory and compliance requirements by providing evidence of their efforts to maintain a secure IT environment.


Security Posture Assessment 

Security assessment is a key activity that organizations or solutions provider must carry out to accurately design and craft solutions/services plans and roadmap. Any good design and plan come from the data produced by the assessment activities.

Security assessment is a service offered by Nexus Orion that provides organizations with comprehensive and relevant insights to accurately design and craft solutions and service plans that align with their security goals and requirements. It enhances an organization's overall security posture by providing insights into their security measures and identifying areas for improvement.


Threat Intelligence

Threat Intelligence provides valuable insights into the nature of cyber threats, allowing organizations to respond quickly and effectively to security incidents, minimizing their impact and reducing the time to recover.

Nexus Orion's Threat Intelligence service provides organizations with real-time insights and analysis of potential threats to their systems, enabling them to proactively take steps to protect their assets and stay ahead of emerging risks.


Compromise Assessment

With a well-defined incident response plan in place, organizations can respond quickly and effectively to security incidents, minimizing the impact and recovery time.

Compromise Assessment is a service offered by Nexus Orion that aims to detect any unauthorized access or malicious activity in an organization's IT environment by analyzing system logs, network traffic, and other data sources. The assessment helps identify potential security breaches, minimize damage, and prevent future incidents by providing insights into the root cause of the compromise.

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